With support from industry leaders such as ASA, CCC, I-Car, and ARA, to name a few, AMi is thrilled to announce our involvement in a groundbreaking high school program designed to ignite passion and foster talent in the automotive industry among young students nationwide. This pioneering initiative, commenced in March 2024, by Scott Benavidez, who holds his AMAM with AMi and sits on the board of directors of AMi, procured the program with collaboration from Boys & Girls Club, Highland High School, and several automotive industry training leaders.

The new high school program, “TEAM (Technologies Education Automotive Management),” aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world industry challenges. By providing students with hands-on experiences, mentorship from industry professionals, and access to cutting-edge technology, AMi is excited to join this effort to help set the stage for young minds to explore, innovate, and thrive in this industry.

Program Highlights:
● Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Developed by CCC, I-Car, ASA, and AMi, the curriculum aligns with current industry standards and future trends, ensuring that students are well-prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
● Mentorship: Participants will have the unique opportunity for mentorship, gaining insights, guidance, and support as they navigate their educational and career pathways.
● Access to State-of-the-Art Technology: Students will work with the latest technology, tools, and resources, providing a competitive edge in their future endeavors.
● Nationwide Reach: To inspire and cultivate talent nationwide, the program will be accessible to high schools nationwide, ensuring a diverse and inclusive platform for all students interested in the industry.
● Clear learning paths for students of all ages to achieve.

“Through Teams, AMi is helping to prepare students for future careers; we are empowering them to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow,” said Mary Steele, Executive Director at AMi. This program reflects our deep commitment to education, diversity, and fostering a culture of curiosity and excellence among young minds nationwide.”

Currently enrolled students in the New Mexico High School program have this to say:

Elizabeth G: “AMi is an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about business. The program is structured and organized, and leadership engages with the teams. AMi is a great way to stay on track and achieve my desired outcome of becoming a manager. Working with AMI helps me to set clear goals and expectations and monitor my progress.”
Andrea L: “AMi offers an incredible opportunity to pursue student success in leadership and future careers. My experience being able to work alongside mentors and engage with others helped me build skills in teamwork, communication, and responsibility. I am able to learn new ways to manage and properly handle the obstacles that will come. AMi’s program is overall an organized and friendly establishment to ensure achievement.”
Terry L: AMi is giving me the opportunity to learn how to express myself in a professional manner and how to be a responsible worker. It encourages me to be on time, and to be more responsible with my homework. I love this program because it gives me a very good opportunity and teaches me a lot of good things. Also, it prepares me to become a good manager, and how to talk professionally for times that I may be talking on the phone with my future customers.

Schools interested in participating and incorporating this exciting program into their curriculum are encouraged to reach out via email to msteele@amionline.org or 817-381- 5677, for more information about the “TEAMS” or AMi programs.

About AMi
AMi is a forward-thinking company dedicated to advancing the Automotive Industry. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and creating value for both the community and the environment, AMi continues to lead the way in Industry solutions. Committed to education and the empowerment of the next generation, AMi invests in programs, initiatives and people that foster a culture of learning, innovation, and success. Leading the industry, one student at a time.