The following data provides benchmarking insights and trends compiled from PPG’s ADJUSTRITE® Commercial Estimating system for the 4th quarter, 2021. This data reflects information compiled from both insurance and shop estimates from the United States and Canada. For all metrics, this information excludes known total losses, estimates with only one line item, and estimates <$100.
Severity for 2021 averaged $9,965—a 13.3% increase over 2020.  Severity for the 4th quarter experienced the largest increase, up 20.6% relative to Q4 2020. 

When looking at Sale Mix Percent for the past four years, the only year-over-year trend is that Sublet percent is increasing. Comparing 2021 to 2020, Parts and Sublet percentages increased, while Labor and Paint Materials decreased. All Sales Mix dollars categories saw increases in 2021.  The annual average for Parts dollars had the highest increase of 14.6%, while the lowest increase was for Paint Materials dollars at 10.1%.  

Table 1:  Sales Mix Percent for 2018 – 2021

In Table 2, the 2021 Labor Mix Percent shows an increase in Mechanical over 2020, while Body Percent continued to slightly decline.

Looking at Table 3, all Average Labor Dollar categories show an increase in 2021 relative to 2020, with the exception of Frame.  Body and Paint had the largest increases of 11.2% and 8.6, respectively.

Table 3: Average Labor Dollars for 2018 – 2021

Please note that a correction to Sublet was made for trends reported Q3 2021 and has been applied to all years. 

Average Dollars for Sublet, Paint Materials and Shop Supplies show a year-over-year increase. Compared to 2020, Shop Supplies had the highest percent increase of 14.8%. 


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