• 3M Collision Repair Academy – All-inclusive List

    Description: 3M offers a total of 33 courses that can be found in 3M's Learning Marketplace.  These courses will [...]

  • Abrasives & Sanding Best Practices

    Description: How to use abrasives and sandpaper prior to painting and the benefits of using the tools and materials [...]

  • Advanced Technology Training Program

    Description: The Advanced Technology Training class is an exciting addition to our training curriculum; it picks up where the Air Brake [...]

  • Air Systems Components

    Description: This presentation covers air system components and proper delivery of clean air to the spray equipment. Duration: 15 [...]

  • Before the Repair Starts

    Description: Students will learn to identify the documentation that makes up a typical job file and examine how the [...]

  • Building Effective Vendor and Insurer Relationships

    Description: This online course reviews common communication scenarios a collision repair shop’s Production Manager may encounter, effective communication tools, [...]

  • Collision Repair Materials 101: Abrasives

    Description: This introductory course explores the fundamentals of abrasives. Topics include, how they are made, various uses, trouble-shooting, application [...]

  • Developing New Talent

    Description: This course emphasizes the importance of relationships with local schools, career fairs and career day events. Students then [...]

  • Developing the Team and the Business

    Description: Developing the Team and Business explains the value of employee mentoring and quality employee reviews for both the [...]

  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Estimatics

    Description: The course is designed for the student that is well versed in writing estimates and wants an edge [...]

  • Emergency response guides from Van Hool Bus

    Description: As part of the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training program, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is working [...]

  • EPA Regulations : Paint Sprayers

    Description: An unusual EPA regulation that can cause paint sprayers to be guilty until PROVEN innocent. https://nationalsbeap.org/compliance/petition Contact Tony.Pendola@ncdenr.gov [...]

  • Gaining Efficiencies Through Blueprinting

    Description: This online course starts by reviewing and defining the blueprinting process and efficiencies a shop can gain. We'll [...]

  • Hazardous Airborne Pollutants

    Description: Hazardous Airborne Pollutants will identify environmental compliance requirements for hazardous airborne pollutants. You will learn to identify hazardous [...]

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Description: This course explains how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines when a substance becomes a waste and [...]

  • HD Repair Forum’s 2022 Industry Survey Report

    The HD Repair Forum has asked Ten Point Complete to help gather information about and the heavy-duty and medium-duty collision [...]

  • Hiring to Support Your Shop’s Learning Culture

    Description: This course focuses on the importance in hiring the right people for developing and maintaining a successful learning [...]

  • Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis

    Description: Hybrid Vehicle Identification and Damage Analysis explains the different types and parts of hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicle identification [...]

  • I-CAR Heavy-Duty Truck Package

    Description: These I-CAR courses were packaged for technicians to provide foundational training for complete, safe and quality collision repairs [...]

  • Implementing a Learning Culture

    Description: Implementing a Learning Culture introduces students to how business performance can improve by implementing a learning culture. There [...]

  • Improving Your Shop’s Cycle Time

    Description: Cycle time is an important piece of overall shop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Cycle time is more than [...]

  • Inspecting High-Voltage Electric-Drive Motor Vehicles

    Description: High voltage systems are not currently inspected as part of the North American Standard (NAS) inspection procedures for [...]

  • Intro to Collision Repair: Body Filler

    Description: Introduction to Dent Repair and the materials used during collision repair. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free Course [...]

  • Intro to Collision Repair: Coatings

    Description: Introduction to the Coating materials used to restore Corrosion Protection during collision repair. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free [...]

  • Intro to Collision Repair: Paint Finishing Systems

    Description: Introduction to the Paint Finishing Systems used during collision repair. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free Course Link [...]

  • Intro to Collision Repair: Seam Sealers

    Description: Introduction to the seam sealer materials used during collision repair. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free Course Link [...]

  • Introduction to Two-Sided Plastic Repair

    Description: This Course helps students identify a two-sided repair and lists the steps required to prepare a damaged area [...]

  • Learning Culture Overview

    Description: Learning Culture Overview will show how repair facilities that embrace a learning culture improve on key performance indicators [...]

  • Matching the Repair to the Team

    Description: Matching the Repair to the Team begins with a look at the industry standard capabilities each technician or [...]

  • Optimizing Processes, Equipment, and Compliance

    Description: Optimizing Process, Equipment, and Compliance introduces the learner to what is required to ensure that a collision repair [...]

  • Plastic Repair Hands-On Skills Development

    Description: This course helps builds on prior online learning about repairing plastic. The instructor will monitor key performance indicators [...]

  • Problem Solving for Workflow Changes

    Description: Problem Solving for Workflow Changes introduces students to common types of workflow disruptions. The instructor will present how [...]

  • Quality Is Your Business

    Description: Quality is Your Business presents the importance of the Production Manager role in verifying that technicians complete quality [...]

  • Refining the Team and the Business

    Description: In Refining the Team and the Business, students will learn how to develop staffing levels to determine the [...]

  • Safety Data Sheets and Labels

    Description: Safety Data Sheets and Labels explains why hazardous materials regulations were developed and covers the information found in [...]

  • Speakers Announced for 2024 HD Repair Forum

    The sixth installment of the HD Repair Forum taking place April 24th & 25th in Frisco, Texas is expected to [...]

  • Speaking the KPI Language

    Description: Speaking the KPI Language breaks down the KPIs that one managing production needs to continuously monitor. It provides [...]

  • Spray Equipment Set-up

    Description: A review of the proper methods of setting up and operating air spray equipment to apply coatings to [...]

  • Strengthening Your In-Process Quality Controls

    Description: Strengthening Your In-Process Quality Controls identifies some very common concerns and quality issues that are experienced throughout the [...]

  • Surface Preparation

    Description: In this presentation you will learn how successful painting depends upon good adhesion on surfaces that are well [...]

  • Synchronizing Workflow through Team Communication

    Description: Synchronizing Workflow through Team Communication is designed to show the importance of communication with all customers and departments [...]

  • TE Electrical Basics– Measurement, Safety and Fundamentals

    Description: This course is intended to provide fundamental understanding of electrical theory and concepts in automotive applications to help [...]

  • Topcoats National Rule

    Description: Single Stage topcoats still play a large role on Commercial Transportation vehicles and this presentation aids in the [...]

  • Tractor Trailer Estimatics

    Description: This course includes collision repair, paint, DEF systems and the latest information on hybrid and electric semi trucks. [...]

  • Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Claims

    Description: The course focuses on issues relevant to commercial auto claims, trucking liability, and cargo losses. Students participate in [...]

  • Undercoat National Rule

    Description: This module features product offerings for bare metal, fill primers, primer sealers Axalta epoxy and urethane undercoats, specifically [...]

  • Undercoat Regulated

    Description: This module features product offerings for bare metal, fill primers, primer sealers Axalta epoxy and urethane undercoats, specifically [...]

  • Understanding Cycle Time

    Description: Understanding Cycle Time explains what cycle time is and how reducing it can benefit the collision repair facility. [...]

  • Understanding Your Part in Profit and Loss

    Description: Understanding the connection between the profit and loss (P&L) statement and all components within the collision repair process [...]

  • Understating Commercial Coatings

    Description: An introduction to Commercial Transportation coatings, offering a decision process on choosing the correct products for each job [...]

  • Vehicle Construction Material Types

    Description: Vehicle Construction Material Types introduces how vehicle makers use a variety of materials to transfer collision energy around [...]

  • Vehicle Protection During the Repair Process

    Description: Vehicle Protection During the Repair Process will help identify steps to promote vehicle safety during the initial inspection. [...]

  • Workflow Essentials

    Description: Workflow Essentials provides an understanding of supplements and how they affect costs and key performance indicators (KPIs). Students [...]

  • Working Safely Around Hazardous Materials

    Description: Working Safely Around Hazardous Materials discusses the ways workers may be exposed to hazardous materials and their effects [...]

  • Workplace Safety

    Description: Workplace Safety will help you identify safety protocols when working at a repair facility. You will learn work [...]